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Physiotherapy Exercise Prescription

What is Exercise prescription?

Physiotherapists are trained to understand the human body and its biomechanical principals.

Not only based on a normal functioning person, but also on patients that have a specific pathology preventing them from engaging in normal activities.

There is multilevel evidence that exercise is beneficial for recovery as part of a tailored rehabilitation program.

Your physiotherapist will create a program specific to you needs and goals that combine with hands-on treatment modalities will enhance your ultimate recovery.

Trailering exercise to individuals needs

When creating an exercise program to assist your recovery our physiotherapists will take into account all aspects of your life and treatment gaols.

We are guided by proven rehabilitation protocols but also take into account that not every exercise will be beneficial for every patient.

With our extensive understanding of human mechanics we will create a program tailored to you specific needs.

What types of programs are available?

When deciding what will be the best match for you and your desired outcomes your physiotherapist will consult with you to determine the best approach for your recovery.

There are many forms of exercise programs including but not limited to: hydrotherapy (pool based exercises), Pilates based rehabilitation (mat work, reformer, trapeze table), strength training – open and closed chain (free weights, resistance bands), proprioceptive, stabilising re-education and lengthening techniques for tightened structures.