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Post Surgery Rehabilitation


Post-surgery rehabilitation

What is post-surgery rehabilitation?

Physiotherapy plays an important role in the managements of patients post-surgery.

This is not limited to orthopaedic surgeries but can be applied to anyone that has had a surgical intervention as part of their medical care. Working with your surgical team and being guided by your surgeons personal post-surgery protocols our physiotherapists will design a rehabilitation program to enhance your recovery process.

What is involved?

The treatment techniques utilised by a physiotherapist post-surgery will greatly depend on the type of surgery you had and if there were any complication after the surgery.

Most post-surgical recovery will involve respiratory rehabilitation, and an exercise based strengthening program to assist you to return to your pre-surgery quality of life.

Our physiotherapists will create a personalised program with easy to understand handouts of your exercises including how many repetitions of each exercise and how many time to complete theses during a day.

How long will it take?

Post-surgical rehabilitation time frames will greatly be determined by the surgery you had.

Taking into account your goals and expectations our physiotherapists will advise you of an appropriately expected time frame to return the best possible outcomes from your surgery. These time frames will also be guided by your recovery process. Everyone it different and at Strive physiotherapy we don’t condone a ‘one size fits all’ approach.