STRIVE Physiotherapy

STRIVE Physiotherapy

Upper Limb

Upper Limb


Tennis Elbow with Silicone Pad

Specially shaped silicone inserts. Rapidly improves joint function. Relieves strain on the periarticular tissues and compresses the soft tissue area.

Wrist Splint with Strap

Provides wrist stability with moderate motion restriction. An elastic strap gives greater wrist stability. Reversible aluminium splint may be relocated to fit right or left hand.

Clavical/Shoulder Brace

This is a high quality, durable poly cotton sling with contact closure adjustment on the shoulder and body straps. Fits right or left arm and helps prevent shoulder rotation. Shoulder pad provides additional comfort. Used for post trauma after shoulder subluxations and for over use shoulder injuries.

Shoulder Sling

Excellent aid for correcting poor posture & shoulder slump.

Adjustable hook & loop closure facilitates proper fit.